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Laserbond: Impressions From A Site Visit

Laserbond (ASX:LBL): Guidance, Thesis Update And Site Visit

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My Portfolio Performance Update

Claude Walker's Portfolio Performance Update

I've recently been thinking a bit about whether my skills are most useful as a research analyst and investor, or if they are most useful as an analyst and writer. Although they are obviously related, it's possible that some analysts could be better off focusing purely on investing, while others are most valuable as communicators.

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The Gent Manifesto: My Journey And Investment Process

The Gent's Manifesto: My Journey And Investment Philosophy

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Why I'm Long Bigtincan Holdings Ltd (ASX:BTH)

Why I'm Long Bigtincan Holdings Ltd (ASX:BTH): Cracking America

Bigtincan is a SaaS company that sells sales enablement software to medium and large enterprises. Sales enablement software improves the performance of sales, marketing and customer service teams by helping them work seamlessly together. In the process it creates valuable information which management can use to make better decisions.

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Readcloud (ASX:RCL) Quarterly Cashflow Report Q3 FY 2019

ReadCloud (ASX: RCL) released its 4C (quarterly cashflow statement) for the March quarter earlier this week. The 4C didn’t contain much that hadn’t already been telegraphed in the previous quarter’s 4C and the 1H19 results, but did include the company’s expectations for cash outflows in the current June quarter, as well as some vague guidance on customer receipts. The table below presents RCL’s quarterly cashflows since listing early last year:

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Three Wise Monkeys Podcast: Season Finale, Vista Group (ASX:VGL) and Reminiscences On A Glorious ASX Bull Market

The three jolly primates are back for a bonanza season finale episode of the Three Wise Monkeys Podcast.

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