This Website Is An Archive

Ethical Investing is hardly a new phenomenon; individuals and organisations have been considering ethical criteria as part of the process of capital allocation for many years. Indeed, the history of ethical investing dates back to at least 1758 when the Quakers ruled out investing in the slave trade. For many years, ethical investing was the domain of the religious. Everyone will have their own reasons for becoming an ethical investor: here are mine.

Important News - Ethical Equities Is Now Part Of A Rich Life

The founder of Ethical Equities, Claude Walker, is no longer contributing to this website, which is now kept online as an archive. However you can continue to follow Claude's investing journey at A Rich Life.

Investing Performance

Archive: Here's Claude's last portfolio performance update.

Ethical Investing In Australia

There are three main types of ethical investing:

1) Positive contribution - favouring a company because its activities make society better

2) Negative screen - excluding a company because its activities hurt society

3) Comparative superiority - favouring a company over a similar company, because, in comparison, it is better for or less harmful to society.

This website has two purposes. One is to encourage people to invest in accordance with their own ethics, and the other is to encourage financial advisers and fund managers to do their jobs with integrity to their clients.