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Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) Quarterly Report Update Q1 FY 2020

When Ecofibre Ltd (ASX:EOF) released its 4C (quarterly cashflow report) for the three months to 30th September early last week, there was no notable share price reaction. However, we do note straight out of the gates that it was rather early, and not amidst the muddy scrum of 4Cs lodged in the last couple of days before the deadline. I like this, because I think it demonstrates that the company has its sh!t together and management have a steady hand on the tiller. That's important in a fast moving industry such as hemp products. 

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Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL) HY 2019 Stock Analysis

Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL): It's Not Easy Being Green

It’s high time we checked in on Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL) post the release of the company’s 1H19 results late last month and following a very busy last several months which we’ll summarise in this update. This time however we’re going to do things backwards and start with the financials – where some of the developments since we last published on Elixinol in February have begun to manifest. Then we’ll triangulate the numbers to the narrative to understand where the company is at this point in time. 

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Appen (ASX:APX) FY 2019 Results Analysis

Appen Ltd (ASX:APX) FY 2019 Half Year Results Analysis

On Thursday Appen (ASX: APX) reported its results for the first half of FY19 (the company has a December reporting year-end). The stock price moved violently in response, initially soaring 10% within the first hour of trading to almost $30 (within sight of the $32 all-time high set in late July), but from that point plunged 20% to below $24 and ended the day down 11% from its previous close. On Friday the share price rebounded 7% as the market digested the key takeaways, and the APX share price managed to record a 2% gain for the week despite the nausea-inducing rollercoaster ride. In fairness, there was quite a bit to digest, but also readers should remember that over the past couple of months the markets have been particularly jittery amidst the ongoing trade/tariff wars, inversion of the yield curve and other macro concerns.

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Audinate Group Ltd (ASX:AD8) FY 2019 Annual Results Analysis

It has been a busy several months since we last checked in on Australian digital audio networking technology company Audinate (ASX:AD8) following the release of its 1H19 results in February (coverage here). Since then the share price nearly doubled (reaching an all-time high of $8.66 in mid-June) before trading back to the low-$6 mark briefly last month before recovering back above $7. The share price fell 6% today in response to the company’s FY19 results and is now 20% below its all-time high – more on that later, but first a re-cap of developments since our last report. 

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Fun Times With Ecofibre (ASX:EOF): FY 2019 Results Analysis And Valuation Meditation

Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) Full Year 2019 Results Analysis And Valuation Meditation

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Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) Quarterly Report Update Q4 FY 2019

Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) has performed strongly over the past few months since we initiated on the company in April (see here) – In that time the share price is up 52% and it’s up a total of 222% for investors fortunate enough to get into the March IPO.

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Straker Translations Ltd (ASX:STG) Initiation Report And Analysis

Straker Translations Ltd (ASX: STG) listed with little fanfare in late October last year – essentially midway through the grinding Risk Off phase that impacted the Growth sector between the end of August and the Christmas period of 2018 (during which time many growth stocks were down 20-40% from their August highs). Floated at a price of $1.51 per share, the company debuted relatively strongly and reached a peak of $1.91 in the first few days of trading – but has spent the majority of the period since trading underwater versus its IPO price, and bottomed out below $1.20 in April – before recovering over the past couple of months (closing at $1.55 on Friday).

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The Gent Manifesto: My Journey And Investment Process

The Gent's Manifesto: My Journey And Investment Philosophy

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Readcloud (ASX:RCL) Quarterly Cashflow Report Q3 FY 2019

ReadCloud (ASX: RCL) released its 4C (quarterly cashflow statement) for the March quarter earlier this week. The 4C didn’t contain much that hadn’t already been telegraphed in the previous quarter’s 4C and the 1H19 results, but did include the company’s expectations for cash outflows in the current June quarter, as well as some vague guidance on customer receipts. The table below presents RCL’s quarterly cashflows since listing early last year:

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We Decided To Buy Ecofibre Ltd (ASX:EOF): Analyst Initiation Report On A Cannabis Stock

The Mysterious Fabregasto's Initiation Coverage Of Ecofibre (ASX:EOF)

Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) listed in late March and has been a strong performer – closing its first day at a share price of $1.70 (a tidy 70% gain on the $1.00 IPO price for those who participated in the float).

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