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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 30/7/2014

*Edit: The graphic below is wrong (luckily the real returns are higher). I had left out a cell. Please see comments.

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Should I buy more Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited (ASX:FID)?

Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited (ASX:FPS) is a small fund manager that also owns a small network of financial planners and even accountants, and software on which planners can run their business. Shares are up over 40% since I put Fiducian Portfolio Services into the Hypothetical Ethical Equities Portfolio.

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Should I buy more CPT Global Limited (ASX:CGO)?

CPT Global Limited (ASX: CGO) has drifted up in price a little since I first covered it in this article for the Motley Fool. However, I still think it is attractive at current prices, because it's a turnaround that is in the process of playing out now. I'd call it ethically acceptable, but as always, I'm interested in your opinions.

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