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Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) Quarterly Report Update Q1 FY 2020

When Ecofibre Ltd (ASX:EOF) released its 4C (quarterly cashflow report) for the three months to 30th September early last week, there was no notable share price reaction. However, we do note straight out of the gates that it was rather early, and not amidst the muddy scrum of 4Cs lodged in the last couple of days before the deadline. I like this, because I think it demonstrates that the company has its sh!t together and management have a steady hand on the tiller. That's important in a fast moving industry such as hemp products. 

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That Time I Got Lucky, Anatomy Of My Pro Medicus (ASX:PME) Investment

An Ethical Equities Supporter has requested I do more case studies of investments I've made in the past, which I think is good for learning, so here is the first one.

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