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How I lost my affinity for Affinity Education (ASX: AFJ)

I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’ve sold out of all my Affinity Education Limited (ASX:AFJ) because my thesis is broken. In my very recent article on the company, I compared Affinity Education to G8 Education Group. I wrote:

Maybe Affinity Education has bought the worst Childcare Centres on the market, or their centres are simply not as impressive as G8′s. Because of a relatively short history as a company, we just don’t know when it comes to Affinity Education.

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Is Affinity Education Group Ltd (ASX:AFJ) the next G8 Education (ASX:GEM)?

Edit: This company has been sold from the Hypothetical Ethical Portfolio at the closing price of $1.50 on Tuesday 25 February. At the timing of writing, I sold half my real life shares at close, and it is likely I will sell the rest tomorrow. The thesis below has broken. I sold my shares and will not buy back. I've had hysterical emails in response to this post saying things like "Big, big, Big mistake...The hugest you will probably ever make.  I would like to see you get any money back from these people." I don't appreciate the ramblings of people who have allegedly been badly burned by those involved with Affinity Education, if they do not even understand the basics of publicly traded shares. I was very promptly emailed about this company within 48 hours of publishing the thesis below, I have done further research and sold my shares. If you have been burned by these people, feel free to not send me abusive emails. The first emailer was very helpful and polite - if you can't be those things, go vent your frustration elsewhere.

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