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Why I'm no longer interested in Codan (ASX: CDA)

Subscribers will know that when Codan announced their original profit downgrade, I took the opportunity to buy shares from panic sellers. At the time, I described the position as a "research position" and subsequently, I did my research. One disturbing piece of information that I found was that the Chinese may have had access to Codan's secure radio codes.

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Why I sold my Codan shares (ASX: CDA)

About a month ago I wrote this article in which I estimated that I would have to buy shares in Codan at $1.81 in order for the investment to meet my required return on investment, assuming that results largely reflected my predictions in this update to subscribers. I also examined some of the risks facing the company.

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Is Codan (ASX:CDA) still worth holding? An update, and discussion of risks.

The purpose of this article is to follow up on comments I made available to Newsletter subscribers about a month ago.

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