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Will Tassal (ASX: TGR) boost dividends, or use strong cashflow to boost the business?

Tassal has had a remarkable year. The shareprice increased over 2013 from $1.43 to $3.30, an increase of 130%. Profit after tax and dividends over FY 2013 were up over 18%, despite revenue being flat. This was mainly because of the significant reduction in borrowings. A few years ago borrowings were over 60%, with the funds used to develop the salmon farm at Macquarie Harbour in western Tasmania. At the beginning of FY 2013, borrowings were an already respectable 25% of equity and reduced over the year to 18%.

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Introduction to Tassal (ASX:TGR)

Tassal Group Limited (ASX:TGR) is involved in the hatching, farming, processing, sales and marketing of Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon. Its operations are based on the west coast of Tasmania. The company is the largest Australian producer and marketer of salmon. We have researched the ethical aspects of fish farming, including the possible effects of antibiotics on consumers. Tassal comes up positively. The company even gets a tick from local environmentalists and the local green politician.

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