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My Portfolio Performance Update

Claude Walker's Portfolio Performance Update

I've recently been thinking a bit about whether my skills are most useful as a research analyst and investor, or if they are most useful as an analyst and writer. Although they are obviously related, it's possible that some analysts could be better off focusing purely on investing, while others are most valuable as communicators.

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5 Year Performance Review

5 Years Of Ethical Investing For Fun And Profit

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Ethical Equities Performance Financial Year 2015

Well, in the spirit of accountability, here is my private portfolio performance for financial year 2015.

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The Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio Final Update - 10/10/2014

The outlook is good for the Hypothetical Ethical Investor - but before we talk about our hypothetical friend, we should probably do the housekeeping.

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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 12/9/2014

It wasn't until I went to do another update on the Hypothetical Ethical Portfolio that I noticed that the last update significantly understated my hypothetical returns.

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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 30/7/2014

*Edit: The graphic below is wrong (luckily the real returns are higher). I had left out a cell. Please see comments.

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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio Update, 10 June 2014

I'm pleased to present to you the first ever report on the portfolio's progress that incorporates dividends. There have been no changes to the portfolio since I last wrote in March. Also, prices are true at 3pm 10 June. I simply wanted to get it done (I've been putting it off for ages). With luck, they won't change too much in the next hour of trading.

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Hypothetical Ethical Portfolio Update 21 March 2014

At the time of writing (just before 1pm) on Friday March 21st, the All Ordinaries are at 4338.

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Vocus Communications Added to Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio (ASX: VOC)

Vocus Communications Limited (ASX: VOC) has pulled the annoying stunt of releasing its results 15 minutes before the market opened. I've had a quick look at the report, and decided to add the company to the Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio at the last traded price of $3.52 (at the time of writing). [Edit: buy price will be $3.70 or closing price today... see comments below]. [2nd Edit: whoops I added it at $3.77 instead]

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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio Monday 17th of February

At the close of the market on Monday 17th of February, the ASX All Ordinaries closed at 5,394.8. The Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio has slipped against the benchmark since the last update, as the market has risen strongly. Bentham IMF remains the problem child, as shares have been sold off because the company has lost some cases recently. This is part and parcel of the business, and does not represent any degradation of the company. It's also worth noting that so far the portfolio has spun off only 5 cents in dividends, but many of the companies will pay dividends soon, so I will probably have a dividends column in the next update.

CompanyCodeDate Added Buy PriceMost Recent ClosePercent ChangeASX All Ords (XAO) ChangeRelative ReturnXAO at time of purchase
Energy ActionEAX


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