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Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 27 November 2013

Here is the updated hypothetical ethical share portfolio. I'm trying to make my reporting of this hypothetical ethical share portfolio as transparent as possible: suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking of adjusting the buy price to reflect dividends received.

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IMF Australia Added to The Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio (ASX: IMF)

This is just a short note on IMF Australia (ASX:IMF), [name changing to Bentham IMF] the litigation funders. IMF have recently expanded into the USA, and they had quite low profits in FY 2013. Furthermore, they have just diluted shareholders at a share price of $1.70, and convertible notes are being redeemed at $1.65 per share.

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Medical Developments International receives FDA approval for Space Chamber asthma spacers (ASX: MVP)

It has been announced this morning that Medical Developments International has received FDA approval for its Space Chamber asthma spacers. Since I bought shares, the company has moved forward with a number of its initiatives (selling asthma devices into the USA is just one of them). Importantly, the application for marketing approval of Penthrox in Europe has been accepted for consideration. These are both positives. However, the company has also reported reduced sales of Penthrox in Australia, meaning that the shares are no more attractive now than when I bought them, in my opinion. The current price is $1.38 (only slightly above my average entry price).

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Vocus Communications is a good long term investment (ASX: VOC)

Introduction to Vocus Communications (ASX: VOC)

Vocus Communications is one of the more attractive companies trading on the ASX, and it’s the company that I have held longest in my portfolio. Earlier this year, the shares were trading under $1.70, at an apparent discount compared to Amcom Telecommunications, which also owns a fibre network and data centres. Surprisingly, even after the company released their preliminary results, I was able to double my holding at about $2.30. At the current price of $3, I still think Vocus offers good value for long-term shareholders, and I have no intention of selling at this price.

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Fiducian Portfolio Services announces growing operating cashflow (ASX: FPS)

I bought shares in Fiducian Portfolio Services a couple of weeks ago because, based on a conservative discounted cashflow valuation, I believed their shares were undervalued. I'm now adding Fiducian Portfolio Services to the Hypothetical Sample Ethical Portfolio, with the caveat that 10% of the profits of Fiducian should be donated to charity, because Fiducian is not a particularly ethical investment. The hidden report contains a discussion of the ethics of investing in Fiducian.

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