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An Introduction to Ecosave Holdings (ASX:ECV)

It’s quite difficult to value a growing company, especially when there it has been listed for less than a year. I would consider Ecosave shares a decent, if somewhat speculative investment, at under $1.50, although it’s unlikely that I will buy shares prior to the full year results being released.

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Energy Action trading close to fair value (ASX:EAX)

The share price of Energy Action has been trading above $3 for some time now, having reached as high as $3.50. The company is growing revenue streams, and in a recent update, informed shareholders that it has appointed Fort Street Advisers to help “assess growth opportunities in the market.” They have also appointed an executive search firm to help find a replacement for Managing Director Valerie Duncan, who has signaled her intent to retire at some point in 2014. Evergreen Capital Partners and Perennial Investment Partners hold approximately 9% and 6% of the company respectively. Citigroup Global Markets also holds a relevant interest in about 5% of the company, subject to an obligation to return the borrowed stock to the lender. I don’t dare speculate as to what this means, however, what is certain is that Energy Action is no longer under the radar.

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