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Vocus Communications 2014 Results: What James Spenceley had to say...

Less than 2 hours ago, I was lucky enough to be able to tune in to the Vocus Communications Limited (ASX:VOC) results presentation while waiting for a flight in Los Angeles. A basic perusal of the press release would tell you that underlying NPAT was up by 53% to $13.6 million revenue was up 38% to $92.3 million.

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Vocus Communications Added to Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio (ASX: VOC)

Vocus Communications Limited (ASX: VOC) has pulled the annoying stunt of releasing its results 15 minutes before the market opened. I've had a quick look at the report, and decided to add the company to the Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio at the last traded price of $3.52 (at the time of writing). [Edit: buy price will be $3.70 or closing price today... see comments below]. [2nd Edit: whoops I added it at $3.77 instead]

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Vocus Communications is a good long term investment (ASX: VOC)

Introduction to Vocus Communications (ASX: VOC)

Vocus Communications is one of the more attractive companies trading on the ASX, and it’s the company that I have held longest in my portfolio. Earlier this year, the shares were trading under $1.70, at an apparent discount compared to Amcom Telecommunications, which also owns a fibre network and data centres. Surprisingly, even after the company released their preliminary results, I was able to double my holding at about $2.30. At the current price of $3, I still think Vocus offers good value for long-term shareholders, and I have no intention of selling at this price.

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