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An introduction to Vmoto Ltd (ASX: VMT)

Fair warning to anyone considering buying Vmoto shares - I don't consider this company of the same class as the other companies on this website.

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Will Tassal (ASX: TGR) boost dividends, or use strong cashflow to boost the business?

Tassal has had a remarkable year. The shareprice increased over 2013 from $1.43 to $3.30, an increase of 130%. Profit after tax and dividends over FY 2013 were up over 18%, despite revenue being flat. This was mainly because of the significant reduction in borrowings. A few years ago borrowings were over 60%, with the funds used to develop the salmon farm at Macquarie Harbour in western Tasmania. At the beginning of FY 2013, borrowings were an already respectable 25% of equity and reduced over the year to 18%.

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Introduction to Cryosite (ASX: CTE)

I'll have to keep this note quite short, because I'm writing from Strahan in Tasmania, about to go for a walk to see the local platypus (fingers crossed). Tomorrow we'll be trekking in the Wild Rivers National Park, a place environmentalists fought hard to protect from destruction.

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