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Should I buy Clover Corporation? (ASX: CLV)

Clover Corporation (ASX: CLV) owns technology that allows them to turn fish oil into a power. Fish oil is a well-known source of Omega-3 which plays a crucial role in brain function. It is normally contained in breast milk and is included in baby formula, and that’s where Clover comes in. 67% of Sales are into Oceania, and that's where the growth is. The company has two divisions. One is responsible for product innovation, the other, Nu-Mega Ingredients, is responsible for commercializing the products. Note: See this edit regarding the ethics of this company.

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Why I Bought My Net Fone (ASX: MNF) Again

About 2 months ago I wrote about My Net Fone. By way of history, I had sold my shares at about $1.50 earlier in the year, but the fall in the share price to below $1.20 prompted me to write a short article, in which I concluded (conservatively) that the company would earn about 6c per share. Having thus justified my decision not to buy shares at $1.20, I carefully avoided considering whether affirmation bias might have swayed me (after all, I had decided the shares were over valued at just $1.50). Further evidence that I have a way to go developing my investing temperament.

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Why I sold my Codan shares (ASX: CDA)

About a month ago I wrote this article in which I estimated that I would have to buy shares in Codan at $1.81 in order for the investment to meet my required return on investment, assuming that results largely reflected my predictions in this update to subscribers. I also examined some of the risks facing the company.

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