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Should I buy more Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited (ASX:FID)?

Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited (ASX:FPS) is a small fund manager that also owns a small network of financial planners and even accountants, and software on which planners can run their business. Shares are up over 40% since I put Fiducian Portfolio Services into the Hypothetical Ethical Equities Portfolio.

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Fiducian Portfolio Services announces growing operating cashflow (ASX: FPS)

I bought shares in Fiducian Portfolio Services a couple of weeks ago because, based on a conservative discounted cashflow valuation, I believed their shares were undervalued. I'm now adding Fiducian Portfolio Services to the Hypothetical Sample Ethical Portfolio, with the caveat that 10% of the profits of Fiducian should be donated to charity, because Fiducian is not a particularly ethical investment. The hidden report contains a discussion of the ethics of investing in Fiducian.

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