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Sirtex Medical Limited (ASX:SRX), another Australian biotech superstar

Fifteen years ago CSL Limited (ASX: CSL) earned under $50 million in profit. In 2013, it earned over $1.30 billion. Sirtex might not be as cheap as CSL was then, but the company's profits could follow a similar trajectory (though starting from a lower base). Where CSL supplies blood products, Sirtex Limited sells a treatment for liver cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Both companies are concerned with saving lives. Back in 1999 CSL was less expensive than Sirtex is now, but Sirtex clearly belongs on any ethical investor's watchlist, and I regret not covering it sooner.

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Azure Healthcare Ltd Update - Takeover Proposal dropped, FDA registration granted.

Azure Healthcare Ltd (ASX: AZV) just announced that the takeover offer won't proceed, and shareholders dumped their shares enthusiastically. I continue to hold, as I was never particularly excited about the takeover offer anyway. The long term future for Azure is bright, as it rolls out its solutions to more and more hospitals in the US. Because the new, more complete system has recurring revenue, Azure should increasingly have more stable growing cashflow. For the next 30 years or so, demand for hospital beds will only be going up. Azure helps hospitals profit more from each bed, and US hospitals love to profit.

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DWS Ltd: a possible contrarian play with a big dividend yield (ASX:DWS)

DWS Ltd (ASX:DWS) is an IT Consulting and Software Solutions business, forever Danny Wallis Services (in my head) though apparently it's pure coincidence. Founder Danny Wallis remains the major shareholder and controls the company, but has recently stepped down as CEO. The major way that this company creates value for clients is to allow them to perform their own processes more efficiently. My view is that a lot of the work that once would have been performed by Australian IT consultants will now shift elsewhere, because of the increasing use of cloud data storage and software.

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