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Three Wise Monkeys Podcast #4: Nanosonics Limited (ASX:NAN) and Afterpay Touch Group Ltd (ASX:APT)

With brand new microphones we sound out Nanosonics Limited (ASX:NAN), and discuss our reservations -- but also what we like -- about Afterpay Touch Group Ltd (ASX:APT).

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Audinate Group (ASX:AD8) First Quarter 2019 And AGM Update

Audinate (ASX:AD8) is an audio technology company that has previously been covered on these pages. Unusually for me, it’s amongst my largest portfolio positions despite a relatively short listed history and a lack of profitability. So I thought I’d take the time to review the recent quarterly results, as well as the AGM materials.

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Three Wise Monkeys Podcast: Pro Medicus (ASX:PME), A2 Milk (ASX:A2M) and Experience Co. (ASX:EXP)

Three Wise Monkeys Podcast, Episode 3: Pro Medicus (ASX:PME), A2 Milk (ASX:A2M) and Experience Co (ASX:EXP)

What we lack up for in technology we make up for in my first hand account of the key takeaways from the Pro Medicus (ASX:PME) AGM. We talk details on the big new contract win, and why it's important. Andrew gets excited about AI, and then we throw a bit of cold water on it.

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Three Wise Monkeys Podcast: Pushpay Holdings (ASX:PPH), Catapult International (ASX:CAT) and Dicker Data (ASX:DDR)

Three Wise Monkeys: Pushpay, Catapult, Dicker Data

In this second episode of the Three Wise Monkeys Podcast, we discuss inflection points, and we each explain our reasons for holding a stock.

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Three Wise Monkeys On Corporate Travel Management (ASX:CTD) and (ASX:KGN)

Three Wise Monkeys: Corporate Travel Management, and Kogan

In this first episode of the Three Wise Monkeys Podcast, we discuss the short selling, our own investing styles, and cover Corporate Travel Management (ASX:CTD) and (ASX:KGN).

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