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Azure Healthcare Ltd Update - Takeover Proposal dropped, FDA registration granted.

Azure Healthcare Ltd (ASX: AZV) just announced that the takeover offer won't proceed, and shareholders dumped their shares enthusiastically. I continue to hold, as I was never particularly excited about the takeover offer anyway. The long term future for Azure is bright, as it rolls out its solutions to more and more hospitals in the US. Because the new, more complete system has recurring revenue, Azure should increasingly have more stable growing cashflow. For the next 30 years or so, demand for hospital beds will only be going up. Azure helps hospitals profit more from each bed, and US hospitals love to profit.

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Azure Healthcare Ltd receives a takeover proposal, and Nathan Buzza is leaving (ASX: AZV)

Azure Healthcare Ltd (ASX:AZV) will be losing a key person, Nathan Buzza, who was responsible for overseeing the development of the software that is now revolutionising the business. As I previously pointed out, the fact that the company now offers software solutions - not just hardware - is central to the Azure Healthcare investment thesis. Indeed, it was only once Buzza (and founder Robert Grey) both rejoined the company that its fortunes turned around. At least the software has been fully developed, so to an extent, it makes sense that Mr Buzza is now leaving. Having said that, I don't think there is any reason why the company couldn't have put it on their website or issued a press release.

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A few thoughts on Azure Healthcare Ltd (ASX: AZV)

I've been a bit busy lately, but I wanted to record my notes on Azure Healthcare Ltd (ASX: AZV). Over the weekend I had a discussion about Azure with Motley Fool analyst Mike King, who noted that the half yearly results looked interesting. I believe the results reduce the risk of the investment (which is somewhat speculative), and I bought shares in the company on open yesterday at 27c and 27.5c. The purchase was funded by selling my remaining shares in Cryosite (ASX: CTE) at 46c, and selling 10% of my Global Health (ASX: GLH) shares at 70c, so it will be interesting to compare the investment to those two options in the future.

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