Azure Healthcare Ltd receives a takeover proposal, and Nathan Buzza is leaving (ASX: AZV)

Azure Healthcare is a growing software company serving hospitals. The recent takeover offer suggests sales are growing strongly.

Growth at a reasonable price? Update on Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH)

Global Health is a volatile stock: there have been plenty of chances to buy at a good price.

Will Tassal (ASX: TGR) boost dividends, or use strong cashflow to boost the business?

Will Tassal use its strong cashflow to increase the dividend it pays shareholders, or keep cash to fund expansion?

Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 27 November 2013

At this point in time, the individual stocks in the Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio is beating the market by 13.2% on average, although that is mostly thanks to Energy Action.

Vocus Communications is a good long term investment (ASX: VOC)

Are Vocus shares still good value at $3?

Fiducian Portfolio Services announces growing operating cashflow (ASX: FPS)

I bought shares in Fiducian Portfolio Services a couple of weeks ago because, based on a conservative discounted cashflow valuation, I believed their shares were undervalued. I’m now adding Fiducian Portfolio Services to the Hypothetical Sample Ethical Portfolio, with the caveat that 10% of the profits of Fiducian should be donated to charity, because Fiducian […]

Initial coverage of 1300 Smiles Limited (ASX: ONT)

1300 Smiles has a resilient business model, strong return on investment and is making dental care more affordable

Should I buy Beyond International? (ASX: BYI)

Beyond International has a bright future, especially considering the JV with Seven Network.

Should I buy Clover Corporation? (ASX: CLV)

CLV is one of those rare gems that has a stable real business underpinned by a prospect of shooting the lights out given its industry and product segment.

Why I sold my Codan shares (ASX: CDA)

About a month ago I wrote this article in which I estimated that I would have to buy shares in Codan at $1.81 in order for the investment to meet my required return on investment, assuming that results largely reflected my predictions in this update to subscribers. I also examined some of the risks facing […]