Adacel Technologies Limited (ASX:ADA) is an emerging microcap offering a good risk-reward ratio

Another top small-cap investor shares some thoughts on Adacel (ASX:ADA)…

Rectifier Technologies (ASX:RFT) and the Anatomy of a 300% Gain (And Counting)

Widely respected microcap investor Imran Khan gives us an insight into the process behind a 300% gain…

Ethical Equities Performance Financial Year 2015

Well, in the spirit of accountability, here is my private portfolio performance for financial year 2015. Performance has suffered due to a failure┬áto not selling overvalued equities when the market offered a good price, but — more significantly — by the poor performance of a handful of investments, which, in retrospect, I paid too high […]

cheapest kamagra Ethical Investing, 2 Years On

Here’s how my ethical investing is going, 2 years on…

Is 1300 Smiles Limited (ASX:ONT) the best stock for ethical investors?

One last post before my hiatus – on my favourite ASX company, 1300 Smiles Limited (ASX:ONT)…

The Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio Final Update – 10/10/2014

Average Return: 33.81%, Average Return Relative to Market: 36.38%, Average Return including Dividends: 37.12%

Hypothetical Ethical Share Portfolio 12/9/2014

Average Return: 41.09%, Average Return Relative to Market: 37.14%, Average Return including Dividends: 43.88%

Vocus Communications 2014 Results: What James Spenceley had to say…

Vocus Communications Limited (ASX:VOC) is churned out $9.2 million in free cash flow in FY 2014.

The true measure of wealth is the capacity to love

Feeling rich today?

SomnoMed Limited (ASX:SOM) continues to grow: Musings on the 2014 results

SomnoMed continues to show increasing sales of its SomnoDent mouthguard. How much longer will profitable and growing biotech remain under the radar?