Why I Bought My Net Fone (ASX: MNF) Again

About 2 months ago I wrote about My Net Fone. By way of history, I had sold my shares at about $1.50 earlier in the year, but the fall in the share price to below $1.20 prompted me to write a short article, in which I concluded (conservatively) that the company would earn about 6c […]

Introduction to Beyond International: valuation of a quality small cap (ASX:BYI)

Beyond International has a long history of profitably producing niche television shows and effectively managing the copyright of those shows. The company also buys the rights to programs it doesn’t produce, and sells them into new markets. These activities account for most of Beyond’s profits, and I believe that this is where the company has […]

Introduction to Energy Action (ASX:EAX)

Energy Action Group (ASX: EAX) is rare among environmentally positive equities in that it is profitable and is able to pay regular dividends. It was listed on the ASX in October 2011 at $1.00 per share. EAX provides energy retrofitting services to government and private organisations. It also owns the Australian Energy Exchange where energy […]