Ethical Equities Performance Financial Year 2015

Well, in the spirit of accountability, here is my private portfolio performance for financial year 2015. Performance has suffered due to a failure┬áto not selling overvalued equities when the market offered a good price, but — more significantly — by the poor performance of a handful of investments, which, in retrospect, I paid too high […]

Ethical Investing, 2 Years On

Here’s how my ethical investing is going, 2 years on…

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9 life lessons from Tim Minchin – Heavily Edited

This post is inspired by Tim Minchin’s Occasional Address at the University of Western Australia… In his words, “you might find some of this inspiring, you will definitely find some of it boring and you’ll definitely forget all of it within a week.” So I don’t forget, here are his nine life lessons. I’ve edited […]

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Ethical Equities micro-cap health stock watchlist

Investor beware: these stocks are illiquid…

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Investment process: 11 questions I ask

1. Does the business have long-term tailwinds or headwinds? 2. Does the business have ‘good economics,’ namely, the ability to re-invest in itself at satisfactory rates of return (at least 15%)? 3. How much will┬áthe business be able to grow? I am looking for businesses with a “long runway” before the business is likely to […]

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The true measure of wealth is the capacity to love

Feeling rich today?

From the Vault: Learning from others and some old research on Hansen Technologies (ASX: HSN)

This post started as a reflection on some old Hansen Technologies research… but it turned into something else.

What are the cool kids watching?

What micro-cap companies do my investor friends like?

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Understanding Incentives: The Impact of Fee Structure on the Performance of Fund Managers

Charlie Munger says incentives are too often underestimated, so why do people allow their money managers to create perverse incentives resulting from management fees?