Sorry, this post is more of a diary entry than thorough research, I'm just feeling so frustrated and I need to vent. Psychology and lesson learning are consistently underrated elements of the investing equation.

Nearmap Limited (ASX:NEA) is a company that provides high resolution aerial footage for various applications. They have special tools for solar installers and real estate managers. I used to use it frequently as part of the process of quoting for installed solar systems when I worked for a solar company. Its advantages over google maps were extensive. I had a clear handle on the potential of the business, and what's more the company assisted the renewable energy industry, so you would have thought I would be interested. Anyway, here's how I missed it.How I missed NEA

As if it weren't ironic enough that I was using Nearmap frequently, I was also reading Peter Lynch's Beating the Street in preparation for ramping up my investing and therefore standing a chance of feeding myself when Abbott inevitably won the election and began dismantling the renewable energy industry. I simply didn't know Nearmap was a listed company, as I hadn't time to have a proper look at the ASX.

This just goes to show that sometimes the best ideas are sitting right in front of you and also some opportunities only come along once in a while. Most importantly it shows how bad my anchoring is - regret paralysis is a form of anchoring. For most of the period of the time I suffered from it, it was costing me money. All I can hope is that I do not lose the lesson.

The Author owns shares in Nearmap. Nothing on this website is advice, ever. The purpose of this blog is to keep track of my decisions and invite feedback

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