Generally speaking, I try to let my winners run, even if I do take some profits.

Today, with momentum changing, escalating trade wars and Hong Kong in chaos, I'm going to ditch some of my lower conviction positions that I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing about.

We've published on three of those on Ethical Equities, so I thought I should mention here.

I'm going to sell out of Elixinol (ASX:EXL). A couple of quarters ago I said "As a result of this analysis, I can only conclude that in the best case scenario my confidence in the company is now lower than it was, and two days after this post, I intend to sell a significant chunk of my Elixinol shares."

The subsequent results weren't great either, so I'm all out today.

When we last covered Clinuvel (ASX:CUV) I said, "I have not sold any shares in Clinuvel, and while I may adjust my position size in due course, I have no current intention to sell out of the stock. I differ from Matt because I think there could be enough growth to justify the risk of losing exclusivity for afamelanotide. Clinuvel has a head start in terms of marketing and manufacturing expertise. I do, however, agree that there is a real risk of over-valuation if the market underestimates this risk."

I subsequently reduced my position size and now I'm selling out completely on valuation concerns and because this AFR article made it seem like a strange company.

Finally, I will also sell out of Xref (ASX:XF1). When we last covered the stock, I said "While I could imagine myself taking some profits if I find superior uses for my capital, I do believe that this thesis needs longer to play out, and I have held on so far. At the very least, I'm inclined to give the business until the end of the financial year, when we will find out about the all-important fourth quarter sales. " Unfortunately, its most recent results disappointed slightly, so now I'll probably sit on the sidelines.

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